If my voice is valid, then we must talk on equal footing

Give people the confidence to contribute to care as equal partners.


We help people to effectively communicate their needs and actively participate in meeting their needs to ensure that individuals are truly at the centre. 


We do this through :

  • providing advice, guidance and support

  • offering good quality information

  • helping people to build on what they have and what they  can do

  • encouraging people to reach out to others

Creating better care

We provide imaginative and fun opportunities for people to give voice to their stories. To build on their stories, share their stories and translate stories into action.

Help people to ensure that their voice is heard when things go wrong - dignity and respect

To offer space and time to people when things go badly wrong. We provide advice, guidance and support to assist individuals and families to: 

  • take stock and collect their thoughts;

  • think about action  and speak with dignity;

  • ensure that they are treated decently in an equitable and honest manner.

Develop and grow our network 

  • translating shared learning into a community of practice;

  • using our learning to bring about change.