With his family and friends, Pancho was able to find ways of expressing himself that transported him way beyond the narrow confines of illness. Through the intimacy of simple care; the challenge of shared learning and the desire to explore, Pancho tapped into personal reserves to live a life which transcended restrictive notions of crisis, recovery and relapse. He did more in his short time than many of us do in a lifetime.

His life and his achievements shine out as an example to us all. What he learnt and how he applied his knowledge, provide us with a strong framework for action. The ideas that Pancho distilled into his practice are our principles.


So Pancho’s Place is simply a commitment to share and apply this learning with others. To share in the belief that it will stimulate the growth of a sustainable network of support and practice. A network that will :

  • enable those experiencing mental distress to add to the richness of their own lives

  • build on and mobilise personal resources, especially those of family, friends and community

  • enrich and remould what caring means

By helping people to tap into their own resources, build confidence and forge links, Pancho’s
Place will promote new and sustainable ways of working. It will act on the basis of the
fundamental principle that; 
‘if my voice is valid, then we have to talk on an equal footing’. In
so doing, it will encourage everyone to respect through action; to act on the knowledge and
insight of those in distress, their family, friends and community.


Good health is more, much more, than treating symptoms and managing risk; good health is a whole approach to living. It is essential to help each person to experience the best health possible.