Change Through Doing

We are a small group of family and friends who have been inspired by the life and practice of Pancho. Between us we have a lifetime of experience in supporting change through empowerment.

We see that mental health services are pretty broken. That they show little sign of recognising how broken they are and they don’t have the insight to rebuild themselves.

But we are convinced that families and friends are a huge untapped resource. A resource which can change the face of care. So we have set up Pancho’s Place as the means to help individuals, families and groups to connect, support and grow.













Pancho’s Place is committed to helping all those who experience severe mental distress and we know from our experience that stories have a critical importance at certain key times, this will be our immediate focus for support. The storytelling in and of our lives is so natural we lose sight of its potency. Pancho’s Place aims to unlock this potential.